About Patrice Frilot

Specialty areas:

Cesarean recoveries, natural births, single-mothers, nursing working mothers, sibling & newborn care.

I am originally from Niagara Falls, NY with New Orleans roots but Charlotte has been my home for over 10 years. I am truly a northern-southerner. In addition to being a doula, I am also a mom to 3 children ranging from ages 21 to 4. 

Prior to beginning doula work, I was a Middle School Language Arts teacher and most recently a Middle School Academic Facilitator. I have loved being an educator. I feel blessed that these skills have proven very useful in birth work as well.

The personal experiences I had in my pregnancies and births led me to seek out ways to help support new moms. I started as a friendly helper to new moms and one day I learned about postpartum doulas. That was the beginning of my doula journey. 


As a Postpartum Doula, I increasingly became more interested in being able to support moms from the point of delivery, realizing that their birth experience had a direct correlation with their postpartum experience. So, I chose to also become a Birth Doula.

My goal as your Doula is to provide customized support, education, and nurturing for you whether you are focused on delivery or your transition to life with your newborn. It is my mission to increase positive birth outcomes by increasing confidence, decreasing discomfort, and minimizing interventions. I also aim to lessen the probability of postpartum mood disorders and promote healthy postpartum recovery.

Doula Scope of Practice

As YOUR Doula, I will NOT.....

Perform clinical tasks

Doulas are not clinical professionals, therefore, it is not within my scope of practice to perform any clinical task or make clinical diagnosis. I do not provide medical advice, diagnose medical conditions, or perform clinical procedures. I also do not administer nor prescribe medications or treatments for either mom or baby.

Project my own beliefs onto your experience

As a doula, I will not project my birthing/parenting style or beliefs on you. I approach each client with an open mind as they make the choices they believe are best suited for their baby, and their family.

Take over complete care of infant

I am present to support the mom and family as they maneuver through the changes associated with a newborn. This includes assisting with care of the newborn as I support the family but not as a nanny or babysitter. I will provide referrals to trusted babysitters, nannies, or childcare providers as needed.

Patrice Frilot

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